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Exclusive Interview With “Vogue” Producer Shep Pettibone

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    Having built a star-studded career as a writer, producer, and remixer for a number of artists in the 80s, Shep Pettibone has stepped out of the shadows to discuss the hit single “Vogue“, which he co-produced with Madonna, as well as his work on later projects such as The Immaculate Collection and Erotica with Billboard columnist Keith Caulfield.

    Remarkably, this is the first interview that he’s done in 20 years since stepping away from the music industry, particularly following an expensive and arduous lawsuit in which he and Madonna were accused of wrongfully sampling another record for “Vogue”.

    In the making of “Vogue”, Warner Brothers head of dance music, Craig Kostich, had asked Pettibone to collaborate with her on an original song following a number of successful projects with the pop diva. With a $5,000 budget in tow, Pettibone went to work on coming up with a “Philly Salsoul”-inspired track and sent it off to Madonna, and she then flew to New York City to record her vocals at a makeshift studio on West 56th Street.

    Besides working with Madonna, Pettibone was a frequent remixer for artists Cathy Dennis, New Order, Duran Duran, Mariah Carey, and many other artists. To read the interview in full, just click the following link below. Enjoy!

    Source: ‘Vogue’ Producer Shep Pettibone’s First Interview in 20 Years: On Making a Madonna Classic & Why He Left Music Behind

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