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The Unfinished Releasing 30 Free U-he Diva Presets

u-he diva presets

Note: Image is provided courtesy of Bedroom Producer’s Blog.

30 free new demo presets have been made available by The Unfinished on the Diva Skyline Volume 1 & 2 sound banks for the Diva Virtual Analog Synthesizer by U-HE.

The Unfinished described the new set of presets on the two sound banks as primarily analog style electronics sounds created for use in current film scores that rely heavily on synth. The presets were also described as being useful for modern retro electronica styles like chilwave and glofi.

Walkthroughs for the sound banks are available on The Unfinished’s website. The full versions of both of these Diva Skyline demos are priced at $20.00 (+VAT) each, with 128 separate presets available per bank. The free demo versions include 30 free taster presets from the banks.

Source: bedroomproducersblog.com

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