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Studio Music Recording Software

Audio Software Introduction

If you go to Google, and type in “music production software” in the search space, you’ll see it notify you that 60 million results were found in 2.0 seconds.  Without immediately paying too much mind to which search result might be the most relevant or have the most hits, flipping through a few search pages should be more than enough to at least give you an idea of just how many options you have at your disposal when selecting the software that is right for your personal aspirations as an audio engineer.


Whether you have a good idea of what you’re looking for or not at this point, you’ll need good familiarity with equipment when creating your DAW.

What is a DAW? —DAW stands for digital audio work-station; and in a way it is an artist’s music-making chapel. DAW is a sequencer that allows you to sequentially arrange elements (which may or may not be strictly musical) in a visual pattern along a timeline so that you can compose a song from beginning to end and make changes in real-time to the composition or production aspects of the song.

Modern DAWs are packed to the brim with all kinds of tools and nifty features to explore that you’ll find to be indispensable once you’ve finally gotten the hang of the overall functions and mechanics of any particular DAW.

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