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How To Build A Professional Recording Studio For Cheap

Looking to build a studio at home or at your office? Building a professional recording studio in the comfort of your own home is really no different than building a studio at a commercial location, particularly if you’re the owner in either scenario.

Assuming you’re just getting started for the first time and would like to set up a cheap recording studio with equipment that can help you deliver professional results, I’ve assembled a nice collection of videos made by a bunch of superbly talented audio engineers who will help walk you through the whole process.

That’s better than having to sort through a bunch of text and pictures, right?

In addition, each video comes with a quick blow-by-blow summary so you can get the gist of what the presenter is going to share with you in the video. Sometimes it’s nice just to be able to skip to the part you’re looking for specifically instead of having to watch and scroll through the whole video to find it. What a concept, right? =D

Okay, so let’s get started!

Professional Recording Studio Video Menu List:

  1. Click Here To Watch “Video 1: How to set up a home recording studio – Detailed version plugging everything in”
  2. Shawn from Raw Technique Studios walks beginners through the whole process of setting up a full-scale professional studio by breaking down his whole setup piece by piece!

  3. Video 2: Professional Home Recording Studio Tour, Advice, Tips, and Tricks
  4. In this excellent down-to-earth tutorial, audio engineer Jordan Reynolds takes viewers through a light-hearted, no-frills tour through his home studio.

    He explains audio engineering basics and his insightful reasoning behind his studio practices with the panache and ease of a seasoned pro while keeping it simple enough for beginners to get into without getting too overwhelmed too quickly.

  5. Video 3: Recording Studio – 7 Components to build Professional setup
  6. In this video, StrikeForce TV walks you through all the basic components you need to build a basic recording studio from scratch. If you’re just starting out, make sure you check out this tutorial!

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