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Porch Rokr Festival – 90+ Bands Perform On Front Porches

Porch Rokr Festival

The third-annual Porch Rokr Festival, (an event which transforms the porches and verandas of town homes into stages for performing local bands) was held in Akron, Ohio at the Northeast Quadrant of Highland Square. The festival encourages tourism for the city as well as promotes community within the area by bringing everyone together to celebrate music. Not only do various talented local bands perform on the porches of residents, but the festival also offers a beer tour, skate park, petting zoo, and an area for demonstration of how to set up a recording studio.

The festival is financed by public organizations such as the Akron Community Center, John S. Knight Foundation, Ohio Arts Council and Jilly’s Music Room. But getting the funding is only part of the challenge of actualizing this event, because the success of the show is also dependent on the Highland Square Neighborhood Association’s ability to find homes with good verandas willing to volunteer to host band performances.

The event rotates every year among the four sections of Highland Square to encourage community and interaction across the town’s neighbors. It’s a great time as bands sell their CDs and attendees get to see some local art and tour the city’s bar offerings. If this sounds like an interesting event to take your family to, check out the Porch Rokr Festival’s Facebook page for information regarding their future plans.

Source: www.cleaveland.com


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