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Oval: Futuristic Electronic Drum Set

Oval Futuristic Drum Set

Note: Image is provided courtesy of Created Digital Music.

Oval is a digital instrument that can fit an entire playable drum set of sound in comfortably into your lap. Its appearance falls somewhere in between a flying saucer or a sterile Simon Says toy, but its performance capabilities and portability is unparalleled. This small physical object syncs with a smartphone, tablet, or computer to create any sound you desire.

The Oval project has already surpassed its 100,000-euro Kickstarter goal, and is hoping to revolutionize digital instruments as well as the portability of extensive percussion instrumentation.

The touchpads on this little drum set are gesture sensitive, using velocity and X/Y to turn the entire surface into a controller for you to layer. And Bluetooth functionality allows you to bring this device anywhere you can bring your electronic host device in order to make excellent, customized music and sound wherever you go.

For more information and the tech specs of Oval, look for “Oval: The First Digital Hand Pan” on Kickstarter.com.

Source: createdigitalmusic.com

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