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audio engineering schools in ohio

Audio Engineering Schools in Ohio

If you’re interested in learning audio engineering in Ohio, you’re in luck. There are several high quality options in, or nearby Ohio.

If you are willing to relocate you can find plenty of schools in neighboring states.

Ohio Audio Engineering Schools

The Art Institutes

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  • Audio Production (BS)

Your creativity is a big part of who you are and where you’re going. To take it, and your future, as far as you want, you need an education that’s focused on developing your talents and putting you on the path toward the creative career that stirs your imagination.

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School Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University

9 South College Street, RTVC 202
Athens, OH 45701
United States
Tel: +1 740 593 4870
Fax: +1 740 593 9184

University of Cincinnati – College Conservatory of Music

PO Box 210003
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003
United States
Tel: 1(513) 556-5462
Fax: 1(513) 556-3399

Capital University Conservatory of Music

1 College and Main
Columbus, OH 43209-2394
United States
Tel: 614 236-6291
Fax: 614 236-6952

Kent State University at Stark

6000 Frank Ave. NW
North Canton, OH 44720
United States

Plenty of Options in Ohio

Ohio is known as “The Birthplace of Aviation” due to the fact that the Wright brothers were from Dayton. It is also known as “The Buckeye State”, there are many stories as to why it is has gained this nickname, but most likely because the buckeye tree is native to the state.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and has millions of visitors each year. The state is home to many famous people including Steven Spielberg & Annie Oakley. In addition to famous people, Ohio is home to 7 of our nations previous Presidents.

The Cost of Living in Ohio

The average cost of living in Ohio is about 8% lower than the national average. That means it is about the same as states such as Missouri. The average annual salary of a worker living in the state is approximately $41,000.

Audio Engineering Schools in Ohio

Being that the cost of living is lower, this is a decent amount for the average worker.

Someone working in the audio engineering field could do quite well in the state as the average annual salary is around $70,000.

Relocation should not be an issue as it would be in states such as Montana.

With a low cost of living combined with a higher salary for audio engineers, Ohio might be a great choice for those looking to relocate, or those who wish to earn a degree and work in the field.


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