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Adapting To Music Industry Changes With The Omnitone

omnitone music industry changes

Image Attribution: The Omnitone

Omnitone Recording Studios in Las Vegas is attempting to adapt to the changes in the music industry, innovate new strategies for creating content and working with musicians, and altering the traditional fee method for using studio time. Omnitone company head says that the recording industry has been forever changed by downloads and that it is now considerably cheaper to produce music than ever before. They are one of the first studios to do away with the old payment method of an hourly rate for studio time, but rather charge a flat fee for the services of producers, engineers, and mixers, etc.

Omnitone president also commented that the industry no longer develops demos, but expects musicians to utilize the many recording apps and tools commonly available to pretty much walk in with a finished product for the label to market and maybe tweak a little bit. He claims that coming in prepared puts the odds in your favor.

Source: Vegas Inc.

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