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met museum seeks crowdsourced sounds

Met Museum in NYC Seeking Crowdsourced Sounds

Met Museum Seeks Crowdsourced Art

John Luther Adams has made a name for himself as a composer whose works are inspired by nature and the serene sounds of landscapes. His latest project is a more urban-focused project called, “Soundwalk 9:09,” and will involve a large degree of public participation. This new composition seeks to incorporate crowdsourced sounds recorded by ordinary people walking on the street in between the Met Museum and the Met Bruer Museum in New York City.

All someone has to do in order to participate in this project is to make a recording of their walk between the buildings (which usually takes about nine minutes) and then submit their recording for approval in MP3 WAV format to Met Museum’s website. Once completed, Adam’s recording project will be available for the public to download through his Meet The Composer podcast. The submission window closes on July 31 2015, so if you happen to be in the area, you might want to make a recording for fun. I’m sure that trying to keep your submission appropriate will be appreciated.

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