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Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin Recording Studio Closing Down

Old Led Zeppelin & Bob Marley Studio Torn Down

The iconic Sarm Studios in London, famous for recording classic musicians including Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, and Bono, is set to close down and turn into a set of luxury flats. The studio was made from a converted chapel that Bob Marley had called home in 1969. Island Records founder Chris Blackwell turned the chapel into a studio that went on to record immortal hit albums “Exodus” by Bob Marley, “Led Zeppelin IV,” and Queen’s hit anthem, “We Are the Champions.” Unfortunately, this studio will not share the fate of Abbey Road Studios, which became a National Landmark that may never be torn down.

Producer Aaron Horn, described his family’s decision to tear the studio down as, “[feeling like] the worst break-up of my life.” Sarm Studios was simply not able to keep up with the trending advances in technology making it dated or the rocketing property prices. Many other music and film studios have shared this fate. But unlike many of those studios, Horn’s family did not sell the entire lot, but rather opted to keep a small area for a downsized purpose-built basement for some basic recording purposes.

This gesture may allow the legacy of the once-great studio to live on in some small way. Before demolition, Sarm Studios went out on a high note, by having recorded the holiday single remake of “Don’t They Know It’s Christmas,” featuring many celebrity artists. The promotional song topped the charts in the UK, giving Sarm a swan song to say goodbye to the music listening world.

Source: www.aljazeera.com

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