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Magico M Project – A Loudspeaker For The Rich And Fabulous

If you’re looking to study audio engineering, there are lots of other sciences that spill into your line of work, such as electrical engineering, acoustics, and physics, to name a few. While you’re not fully expected to be an expert in those disciplines to work as an audio engineer, having an appreciation or some knowledge of them is definitely helpful.

In this article by seasoned audiophile, Jonathan Valin, you can catch a glimpse of the perspective of someone who, while having an expert-level understanding of audio engineering, makes his living not as an audio engineer but rather as a journalist.

In this review, Valin introduces readers to a high-end loudspeaker dubbed the Magico M Project despite knowing very well that his readers won’t be able to purchase it. But why review it at all?

The manufacturer of the speaker, Magico, said that it wanted to give its buyers a sense of exclusitivity and pride in owning such an acoustically outstanding and painstakingly designed hi-fi product that few outside that circle could ever hope to experience, but Valin also noted that in going to such lengths to develop the Magico M Project, it had also inevitably raised the bar for other hi-fi manufacturers to follow suit.

Why is this important to aspiring audio engineers? The simple truth is that you need to be aware of what’s going on in the audio industry if you wish to be successful, and you never know just how far you could go in this industry — what if you meet one of the few wealthy owners of this high-end speaker? You never know!

It could spark a career-altering conversation that could move you to an entirely different level, and in any other case, it’s something that you can bring into a conversation with more seasoned and well-connected audio engineers who are passionate about the more technical and complex aspects of audio engineering.

Enough reading about the review — now it’s time to actually read it and learn something new. Enjoy!

Magico M Project Loudspeaker – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Also, for those of you who prefer to watch videos, here’s a cool clip of Alon Wolf (one of the brilliant minds behind the Magico M Project) presenting the Magico M PRO at a conference in Portugal:

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