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Jason Derulo Talks How He Started Recording At Age 13

Derulo Started Recording Young

Hip-hop star Jason Derulo says that his recording career began at a very young age, and his songwriting began at an even earlier age, claiming the first song he ever wrote was for a girl he had a crush on at age eight. His first try at actually recording a song came five years after. At age thirteen he had access to a recording studio where he was able to develop some mixing experience and hone his craft to eventually go on to record dance and hip hop hits for the public.

He has grown in many ways since his youth, as Derulo commented that he was chubby as a child and other students would tease him about his weight. However, Derulo proved to be a man who couldn’t be discouraged, and took charge of his life, got into shape as well as crafting a lucrative music career. He’s having the last laugh now as he has become a success, though he has yet to land the song he wrote at eight years old on the pop charts.

Source: www.pressparty.com

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