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iRig UA is Answer to Musician-Techie Prayers

iRig UA Improves

In a recent press release, IK Multimedia announced a new model of its popular iRig device which allows musicians to use their portable digital devices to similate and act as guitar amplifiers. This new model, iRig UA, gets rid of previous iRig latency issues when using mobile devices for guitars and bass, and is available for android users as well as IOS. iRig UA is now available for sale at retailers world-wide and in the IK Multimedia online store.

iRig UA, used with its companion gear-simulator app AmpliTube® UA, enables high-quality sound with zero-latency real-time audio processing for practically any Android smartphone or tablet device (running 4.2 or later, OTG USB mode). 
-This was made possible due to its design which uses an on-board digital signal processor (or DSP) to move all audio processing onto the iRig UA, providing zero-latency performance and a truly first-rate audio experience.

All in all, iRig UA expands upon the mobile music revolution set into motion by the release of the initial iRig and AmpliTube for iOS back in 2010, offering 21 virtual versions of the most sought-after and trusted gear in the music industry. Downloading the latest AmpliTube app on IOS or Android will give iRig UA owners access to nine stomp-box effects, five amps, five matching cabinets, and two microphones.

iRig UA is available now for $99.99. Go check it utilizing high quality virtual simulations of thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment with one single device sounds appealing or useful to your music-creating or audio engineering needs.

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