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How Much Do Audio Engineers Make? Take A Look! (Infographic)

Audio Engineer Salary Payscale Breakdown 

average audio engineer salary

So You Wanna Know How Much Audio Engineers Make?

According to statistics in 2016, approximately 30% of all audio and sound engineers
establish their careers in the broadcasting industry while the remaining 70% of audio
engineers end up finding work in video, cinema production, or recording.
The average audio engineer salary is $46,193. Audio engineers usually make $22,180 and
$101,840 in a year, which calculates out to $7.60 to $34 dollars an hour assuming an 8-hour work schedule.

That said, you’re in a profession where people don’t simply clock in and out, so don’t let those numbers be your only guide. If you want to work in this industry, you have to bust ass and exceed people’s expectations! There’s no nice way to put it!

All in all, however, the salary of any audio engineer will be
largely dependent on factors such as the level of education, experience, industry,
location, company size, project turnover, etc.

Common Audio Engineer Jobs

The most common jobs in audio engineering include the following:

So Who’s Hiring?

The video and film industries employ the largest group of engineering specialists,
paying an annual wage of $60,470. In comparison, software publishers and computer
gaming corporations pay a median annual wage of $65,520, and in performing arts, audio
engineers bring home roughly $45,000 a year.

How Will My Salary Vary?

It all really comes down to how experienced you are, but it’s fairly easy to gain that
experience within a short period of time if you’re proactive, friendly, and a team
player. That said, the average audio engineer salary will generally be higher in
metropolitan areas, which, while being an advantage, also means that competition will
generally be much higher and, as a result, finding work will be more difficult.

In the U.S., engineers tend to make the most in the metropolitan areas of Long Beach,
Los Angeles, and Glendale. The average salary in all three cities is $77,100.

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