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Middle School Recording Studio

Middle School Gets Recording Studio

A middle school in Harlem, New York has launched the Renaissance Academy, a recording studio nurturing the musical talent and creativity of its young students by providing them a resource where they can write, sing, and record their own songs.

The school has formed a small record company called R.L.A. records. Music teacher, Darrell Branch described the program, “Everything that a real record company does, the students are responsible for doing.” Students are equipped with special software teaching and enabling them to perform, write, and manage the business of their school record company.

This outstanding project got its inception from school principal Qadir Dixon, claiming that the program was something the school had to fight for. The staff hope that this program will give its students passionate about music education a big head start on their peers and equip them with professional skills early on.

Source: www.7online.com

Image Attribution: www.littlechute.k12.wi.us

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