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Why Epik High Was Forbidden to Record at YG Studio

Epik High Forbidden To Record

Yang Hyun Suk, chief of YG Entertainment, had allowed band Epik High to freely record at the studio in previous years, but had forbidden them from fully using YG studio for their 8th album, “Shoebox.”

Some music listeners have noted that many artists who sign on to YG tend to start taking on a similar sound, and suspect that the studio pressures artists to sound a certain way. Yang Hyan Suk denied this claim, clarifying that many artists who join the label tend to become influenced by the other artists, but are not forced to alter their artistic vision to fit any YG style. Suk said, “YG doesn’t interfere with groups like Epik High, who are fully capable of producing and creating their music, and we only help with promoting.”

To further distance YG from this misconception of restraining musicians, Suk affirmed that he requested the band Epik High to work at other studios while recording their next album, and the band agreed.

Epik High are featuring YG artists like Bobby and B.I. on their songs, and Suk claims that this was completely their idea and that he is satisfied with the work they have been doing outside YG studios.

Source: All K-Pop

Image Attribution: All K-Pop

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