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We list The Best Audio Engineering Schools in Colorado. Find the perfect audio school for you if you live in, or near the midwest ...

Audio Engineering Schools in Colorado

Colorado has a few schools for audio engineering.

The typical annual cost of tuition is around $75,000, or about $18,000 per year. This isn’t an ungodly amount either. Some University’s tuition fees in other parts of the country are more or $23,000 per year.

Unfortunately the primary campus for many schools are based in the state capital; Denver.

However, they may offer smaller branches in other areas of the state for individuals who are not able to attend their main campus.  Or you can enroll in an online school.

Featured Audio Engineering Schools in Colorado

The Art Institutes

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  • Audio Production (BS)

Your creativity is a big part of who you are and where you’re going. To take it, and your future, as far as you want, you need an education that’s focused on developing your talents and putting you on the path toward the creative career that stirs your imagination.

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Liberty University

Liberty University

  • MA: Music Education

Pioneering distance education since 1985, Liberty University is now the nation’s seventh largest university. With more than 300 online and residential areas of study, Liberty offers programs from the certificate to doctoral level.

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Full Sail University – Online

Full Sail University

  • Music Production, Bachelors of Science
  • Entertainment Business, Master of Science
  • Music Business, Bachelor of Science

Learning at Full Sail University has always centered around interaction and the exchange of ideas. Our online curriculum fully embraces this philosophy. We have developed our own online learning environment with the aim of being the most people-focused education experience on the web.

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University of Colorado at Denver

Campus 173364 Denver, CO 80217-3364 United States Tel: +1 303, 556-2279

University of Colorado at Denver College of Arts & Media has a great program that allows students to learn about the latest in audio technology in a hands on atmosphere. There are 2 degree paths you can choose from, one is the BS in Music and the other is a MS in Recording Arts.

Regardless of which program you choose, it is sure to get you on the right path to the career of your dreams. As a student, you will study a plethora of subjects relating to music and the technology surrounding it. You will learn how to use all of the equipment in the studio as well as the software to help you mix, edit, and record music. [*]

Art of Audio School

The Art of Audio School has several different audio related programs for you to choose from. They include Recording & production, Audio Engineering, Live Sound Engineering, Hip-Hop Production, Rock/metal/Punk production, Electronic Music Production.

If you decide to enroll in the audio engineering program you will learn how to operate various types of equipment including microphones, drums, equalizers, and much more. You will also take classes aimed at your understanding of music theory and how it is applied to audio engineering. Students learn to mix, edit, and record many different types of audio from television to live music. [*]

Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College Music Audio Technology program is a great place for students who want to learn the skills necessary to break into the music industry.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to operate different types of sound consoles that allow you to record, mix, and edit audio, live sound engineering, music theory, as well as several different software programs. The best thing about it is that you get to work hands-on in a studio so that you can apply the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom. [*]

Wrap Up

There are several reasons one might want to live and work in Colorado.

There is something for all. The cost of living in Colorado is right at the national level on almost everything. With the exception of housing which can be a little higher.

Compared to the National average, Colorado’s median income is $5,000 more. With an average cost of living and a higher pay range, Colorado could be a fantastic place to dwell.


Being that Colorado’s median household income is around $57,000 per year. A good living can be made by someone having a median income. This may offset the cost of housing, which can be somewhat higher than in different parts of the country.

Like a fantastic choice, Colorado might be perfect for an audio engineer. The typical yearly salary for this area of work there’s around average, but a lower cost of living, means more income to do other things.

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