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Check out some of our favorite audio apps for your smartphone, ipad, or tablet. These can help you save your music when your inspired away from the studio..

Awesome Audio Production Apps

Just a few years ago it was crazy to think that a cell phone could be used as an all-in-one media device. But these days, smartphones can do just about anything a normal computer can do. This includes playing or editing music, watching videos, and playing video games.

As far as music apps are concerned, music production aficionados and audio engineers have tons of apps available on the market that enable you to lay your ideas down on the fly and cement them into a workable draft that you can import into your DAW of choice once you get back to your studio.

Mobile music applications continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on a handheld machine. It seems like every week a new awesome app comes out. With all these different choices, how do we know what’s worth checking out?

Below I’ve listed my favorite few audio apps of 2013. There is no doubt this list will change, but right now I’m really loving these.

The Best Mobile Audio Production Apps

Music on Your ipad

Intua BeatMaker 2

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What can be best described as a souped up music production suite that comes fully loaded with features that rival traditional DAW solutions like:

This production powerhouse has become a force to be reckoned with for audio techs looking to lay something down while on the go.

Tons of Features

This mobile DAW comes with many impressive features, including:

  • 1800+ high-quality instrument samples
  • 111 sampler presets for the keyboard interface
  • 68 drum machine presets
  • User-friendly multi-track mixer with level meters
  • Bus routing features
  • Standard volume
  • Solo
  • Pan controls
  • And so much more

Audio App
This device can be installed on the iPad as well as the iPhone. BeatMaker can be easily integrated with a full-fledged music production solution via the Camera Connection Kit, which can be connected to audio interfaces and MIDI controllers via USB.

Files can be accessed, transferred, and organized via any integrated FTP server of your choice, and after completion, you can upload your projects directly onto your Soundcloud account.

Integrate With Main Studio

And as I mentioned earlier, you can also easily integrate this into your current studio setup by using the iOS pasteboard to exchange content and data between BeatMaker and any other music applications.

So, if you’re a proud owner of the iPhone or iPad and have been looking for a way to integrate these into your existing studio setup, then make sure to check out Intua’s BeatMaker 2!

Piano Studio

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For composers and producers who are looking for a way to sketch their ideas without having to use a mobile DAW program with an intricate and in-depth toolset. Then Piano Studio is an ideal solution for making quick compositions using a native tactile interface that iPhone users are already well-accustomed to.

How is this done, exactly?

It’s quite simple; you can assign notes, chords, and even complete written phrases to virtual buttons that can be triggered and arranged using a basic editor. This allows you to make changes and adjustments to your composition right on the spot.

Also, passages that previously would have been extremely difficult or otherwise impossible to play can now plug those very passages in with little to no effort from the comfort of their iPhone.

This app a must have for those times when you get stuck in that creative rut or have an idea that you want to throw together without having to find a piano or pull out your MIDI keyboard.

Look Around for What You Need…

There are plenty of free audio apps out there if you are on a tight budget. But if you are serious and are looking for legitimate mobile software, then you owe it to yourself to get something that will help you improve as an engineer or producer. Not something that’s slimmed down to make to cheap to own.

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