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Adapting To Music Industry Changes With The Omnitone

Image Attribution: The Omnitone Omnitone Recording Studios in Las Vegas is attempting to adapt to the changes in the music industry, innovate new strategies for creating content and working with musicians, and altering the traditional fee method for using studio time. Omnitone company head says that the recording industry has been forever changed by downloads and that it is now ...

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Father-Son Duo Open New Home Studio For Business

Image Attribution: Empire Sonic Father and son team, Bill and Evan Ferguson, have opened a new, hand-built recording studio in West Kelowna. The shiny new recording studio is called Empire Sonic, and has already started working with over 15 bands. The studio cost $100,000 to build and a year of construction to convert their garage into a respectable music production ...

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How Do You Become an Audio Engineer?

home studio equipment

Audio engineering is a booming industry, but there’s lot you need to learn about not onlyhow to become an audio engineer but also how to become successful at it as well. An audio engineer is a person who is in the business of mixing, recording and reproducing sound. Audio engineers are frequently utilized in the production of music albums and ...

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