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Exclusive Interview With “Vogue” Producer Shep Pettibone

madonna vogue billboard

Image Attribution: Warner Bros. Having built a star-studded career as a writer, producer, and remixer for a number of artists in the 80s, Shep Pettibone has stepped out of the shadows to discuss the hit single “Vogue“, which he co-produced with Madonna, as well as his work on later projects such as The Immaculate Collection and Erotica with Billboard columnist ...

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Quick Soundpack Switch Technique (Ableton) – Learn It Here!

mad zack quick soundpack switch technique

Image Attribution: DJ Techtools Mad Zach is one of those unique glitch artists who knows how to put on a sick performance every time using his quick sound pack switch technique, and today he’s going to show everyone how to get the most out of it in the video below. If you’ve never tried something like this before in your ...

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Different Types of Audio Engineers

audio engineer pay

When people think of music producers or audio engineers, they often picture someone mixing the latest top 40 hits and hanging with the newest pop celebrities making songs for the radio. While mixing albums and songs for radio artists and producing bands is an important and prominent part of the audio engineering business, it is only one of many facets ...

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Audio Engineering Salary – How To Get Paid What You’re Worth For Doing What You Love

  As countless indie labels have emerged increasingly over the past decade, and technology has become more available for musicians to produce music themselves, it has become apparent that many artists are not just creating content “for the money.” While it is true that it is easier now than ever before to use simple computer apps to record music and ...

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Composer Brian Tyler Recording Age of Ultron at Abby Road

recording age of ultron score

Image Attribution: Chud Tyler says that he is a large fan of the Avengers, and that super heroes were a large part of his childhood, claiming that he can identify with Iron Man. Tyler composes the score scenes with specific character themes in mind as well as generally composing for a scene overall. While he states that being commissioned to ...

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