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arturia beatstep with meeblip anode

Arturia Beatstep With Meeblip – Sequencing On A Budget

Arturia Beatstep with MeeBlip Anode

Meta Micro Labs has put their new MeeBlip Anode on sale for $119. MeeBlip is a monosynth featuring gritty bass sound and analog filters. When looking for a compatible sequencer to go with MeeBlip anode, Aturia’s Beatstep (priced at $100) is a great choice due to its ability to sequence multiple parts at once. Aturia’s Beatstep differentiates itself by having its SQ-1 pass through MIDI messages sent via USB to its MIDI out, and that it transmits clock messages.

It is important to point out that the 7.88 volt output of the BeatStep is suited to the KORG volca series and MS-20 and Arturia’s MiniBrute and MicroBrute.

But the BeatStep is a versatile tool: it’s a controller, it’s a reasonable digital sequencer, and it’s a MIDI-to-analog or USB-to-analog converter and analog sequencer. BUT on the less positive side, it is limited regarding live use. The deal-killer there: many simple operations like changing pattern length or switching patterns aren’t quantized. So I’m holding out for the BeatStep Pro being the more serious tool.

Source: Create Digital Music

Note: Image is provided courtesy of Create Digital Music.

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