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apx555 audio test system

The New and Improved APx555 Audio Test System

Note: Image is provided courtesy of Inner Fidelity.

Good news for audio engineers with high-end needs for their equipment. Audio Precision’s new APx555 tester is a vast improvement on the SYS2522 System 2 Cascade tester. While SYS2522 has been a great product these past few years, but it has basically run its course now that new technologies can offer more efficient software. The old SYS2522’s process for setting up panels to make measurements and write code grows wearying after a short while. The new APx555 tester, priced at $28,000 is comprised of the latest and most advanced software to make your job easier.

APx555 offers an improved distortion limit and sound quality by about 5dB over SYS2522, among other great changes. Instead SYS2522’s use of numerous tedious panel settings and requiring users to export captured data prior to executing any other tests, APx555 allows you to simply run down a menu of ticking boxes of the kinds of tests you want to execute, then press the start button. APx555 pretty much does all your testing simultaneously and makes the results and post processing viewable without losing any original data.

Additionally, Audio Precision provides unparalleled customer tech support – with staff members who go the extra mile to help you understand the software, the options at your disposal, and your alternatives when trying to decide on a recording or testing method. If you have the money to invest in buying your first Audio Precision tester or replacing your older model, look into the APx555.

Source: Inner Fidelity

APx555 Video Demonstration

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