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Porch Rokr Festival – 90+ Bands Perform On Front Porches

porch rokr festival

The third-annual Porch Rokr Festival, (an event which transforms the porches and verandas of town homes into stages for performing local bands) was held in Akron, Ohio at the Northeast Quadrant of Highland Square. The festival encourages tourism for the city as well as promotes community within the area by bringing everyone together to celebrate music. Not only do various ...

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Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin Recording Studio Closing Down

marley zeppelin recording studio torn down

The iconic Sarm Studios in London, famous for recording classic musicians including Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, and Bono, is set to close down and turn into a set of luxury flats. The studio was made from a converted chapel that Bob Marley had called home in 1969. Island Records founder Chris Blackwell turned the chapel into a studio that went ...

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Why Epik High Was Forbidden to Record at YG Studio

epic high forbidden to record

Yang Hyun Suk, chief of YG Entertainment, had allowed band Epik High to freely record at the studio in previous years, but had forbidden them from fully using YG studio for their 8th album, “Shoebox.” Some music listeners have noted that many artists who sign on to YG tend to start taking on a similar sound, and suspect that the ...

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Met Museum in NYC Seeking Crowdsourced Sounds

met museum seeks crowdsourced sounds

John Luther Adams has made a name for himself as a composer whose works are inspired by nature and the serene sounds of landscapes. His latest project is a more urban-focused project called, “Soundwalk 9:09,” and will involve a large degree of public participation. This new composition seeks to incorporate crowdsourced sounds recorded by ordinary people walking on the street ...

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Oval: Futuristic Electronic Drum Set

oval futuristic drum

Note: Image is provided courtesy of Created Digital Music. Oval is a digital instrument that can fit an entire playable drum set of sound in comfortably into your lap. Its appearance falls somewhere in between a flying saucer or a sterile Simon Says toy, but its performance capabilities and portability is unparalleled. This small physical object syncs with a smartphone, ...

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